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The Line Marketing Group is dedicated to helping small to midsize businesses to grow their revenue by improving their marketing and client services.


We achieve results through better branding, active web marketing, social media use, search engine optimization and guerilla marketing.


Contact us today to move your sales to the front of the line.

Move your company to the front of the line

About the Line Marketing Group

Maybe you have a marketing strategy, or maybe you need to have one built.


We work with your existing resources to improve customer response and increase sales.


Move to the head of the line.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That has never been more true than when applied to marketing in the new digital economy.

The digital age has forever changed the way that consumers get information and make decisions. News travels at the speed of light, and the sources of news and information have changed.


Consumers get recommendations from friends on Facebook. They get feedback on restaurants or lodging from strangers on Yelp, Google or Yahoo reviews and from TripAdvisor. They learn about special events or offers from following a company on Twitter or getting an offer from Groupon.


If you are not plugged into the new media, you are losing out. Not to worry, because we are here to help.


The Line Marketing Group can help you to move to the front of the line when your potential clients are making their buying decisions. We can build your marketing efforts from the ground up, or we can work with your existing infrastructure and take your strategy to the next level.


Either way, our mission is to help you to grow your business through new client acquisition and existing client retention.



Failing to change and keep up with new marketing technology is not an option!