Legal eagles still learning to fly when it comes to social media

 From the Wall Street Journal, 12/12/2011

While a number of global law firms have dipped their toes in the social media pool, relatively few have taken the plunge into genuine interactivity, according to an audit released today by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell.

The company looked at how 110 global law firms used LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other social media from April to mid-May of 2011.

The upshot?

“It’s just getting going,” said Bryn Hughes, the company’s marketing and communications manager in international markets. “For the legal sector, I think they are slow to adapt to new technology.”

Firms appear interested in using social media as a marketing platform, particularly outfits based in places with excellent internet penetration: New York, Canada, the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Still, most of those surveyed use social networks as one-way channels to distribute company news, and few embraced blogging and YouTube or integrated social media widget into firm web sites, the audit found.

Hughes said that lawyers he had spoken with seem interested in using social media, but remained cautious about liability, client confidentiality and the potential embarrassment of posting erroneous statements online.

It is true that lawyers tend to be slower to embrace new technology and trends. The good news here is that law firms willing to look at venturing into social media with proper guidance can get ahead of the curve, especially when compared to their peers.

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