Many companies getting burned trying to juggle social media

With so many new social media trends popping up, companies are struggling to navigate their way through the maze. A recent report by Altimeter stated that the average large US company is managing 178 social media accounts!

According to

The problem lies with managing such a fragmented and diverse explosion of communication. An uncoordinated approach leads to customer confusion and an inconsistent experience yet companies simply haven’t implemented goal-driven and coherent social media strategies.


The resulting chaos, according to Forbes contributor Chris Perry, is down to “too many firms trying to make an omelet before they learn how to fry an egg by launching accounts and campaigns without systems in place or governance to keep things on track.”

Many small to midsized companies do NOT face the same volume of social media accounts. However, nearly all make the same mistake, which is not having a strategy in place for managing their social media.

Sure, you have a Facebook page and maybe a Twitter account. But what’s your strategy to use them effectively? What about sites like Yelp, or Foursquare?

Social media is a double edged sword. It can be an effective marketing weapon, but used improperly, it can hurt you. Contact the Line Marketing Group for help in crafting s simple, yet effective social media strategy designed to build your online credibility.


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