New Year’s resolution for your site? Freshen up!

Welcome to 2012! If you are looking for a New Year’s resolution for your business, start with your website. Every website has a shelf life and even the most successful sites (Yahoo, Facebook, Google) go through frequent facelifts and overhauls.

From Smart Business Florida:

If your website design is over a few years old, not only is it likely to be functionally dated, but the visual and interactive presentation is likely to be perceived by visitors as “a step behind the times.”  Your web presence (on all platforms and profiles) is often your business’s first impression, and could be your last if the message it portrays is: ‘We’re not up to speed with the competition and the industry.’ Internet-users continue to grow more sophisticated in judging your professional credibility via the web. If your website design is more than three years old, it warrants a review.

Does your site need freshening up? Do you have the latest social media sites integrated into your website so that consumers can connect with you? If you want a no-cost consultation on your website, just contact the Line Marketing Group and we will help to guide you to a low cost solution to staying fresh in 2012.

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