Video killed the radio star, but it can boost your web site!

Do you remember the first video ever played on MTV (back before MTV became a vehicle for “The Jersey Shore”)? Video may have killed the radio star, but it is crucial for your website!

GoMo News recently posted the top ten web marketing trends for 2012. One of the top ten was video content for your website.

Video is more important as the web moves mobile and becomes more interactive. Videos are now a bigger part of Google’s search results as Google learns to index video content. Videos account for 50% of all online traffic as of January 2012. Not only do videos boost your company’s visibility, but they promote engagement. Customers exposed to videos are 437% more likely to engage your brand.

YouTube has exploded since it’s inception, with most people being familiar with such viral videos as “Charlie bit me” and other funny clips. However, many businesses are taking advantage of YouTube and creating video channels for their potential clients to connect with their brand.

Since so many consumers are now accessing websites via smartphones and iPads, having video to create a dynamic web experience is more important than ever.

If you want to connect with your audience, contact the Line Marketing Group and we will help you to craft a YouTube marketing strategy and build a YouTube Channel designed to help to drive more people to your brand.